The Best Projector Screens

When talking about the best projector screens, you have two main categories, fixed and portable screens. The one you need will depend on your requirements, fixed screens are those that you set up permanently, there [...]

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TV On The Wall

Benefits and things you need to know when hanging your TV on the wall Sometimes having a place to install your TV might be a bit difficult to find, maybe because of the lack of [...]

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HDMI Cables

The high definition multimedia interface, better known as HDMI cable delivers a sharp & clear digital Video-Audio through a single line, being a benefit for the users because it simplifies the cabling for the AV [...]

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Wireless Speakers

Wireless Spekers Years ago listening to your favorite music at home was simple, but not as simple as it is today. Trying to play music all around the house could present some structural and hardware [...]

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All About TV Mounts

Here are a few features and tips you find in every type of mount, make sure you know which is the best option for you berfore installing your TV. Flat TV wall Mounts Flat TV [...]

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Home Theater Sound Through History

Home Theater Sound Through History Starting with the monophonic sound, this had a single channel and directional sound with 1 amp speaker, the sound was channeled to a single point for all the audience. Things [...]

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