When talking about the best projector screens, you have two main categories, fixed and portable screens. The one you need will depend on your requirements, fixed screens are those that you set up permanently, there are 3 sub-categories known as fixed frame, pulldown and tensioned installation. These screens are perfect for dedicated rooms where the screen will be installed and never relocated. If you need a projection screen to watch movies or TV shows only in a specific room in the house then a fixed installation is your best option.

Portable screens are perfect for rooms where a flat screen cannot be placed permanently, small rooms, offices, business, conference rooms and even outdoors. If you need a screen for a business room where you need to set up a scenario for a special occasion then the portable screen will be the best way to go.

When talking about aspect ratio there are several variations (4:3, 16:9, 16:10, 2.35:1) these options allow you to change the resolution in order to find the best source. The aspect ratio refers to the space between its width and height meaning that a 4:3 ratio will display a more square image perfect for TV shows, meanwhile a 16:9 ratio will display a more rectangular image, perfect for standard movies.

Most projectors come in a standard presentation of 16:9 aspect ratio, however many of the new brands have been moving from only 16:9 aspect ratio in recent models to the new ratio 16:10 which makes image compatible with your mobile device, PC or laptop without any cropping.