Benefits and things you need to know when hanging your TV on the wall

Sometimes having a place to install your TV might be a bit difficult to find, maybe because of the lack of space, or maybe because there are kids or pets that may damage your smart TV, reasons can be infinite, but, there is always a solution and in this particular case hanging your TV on the wall could be the answer to that problem, here is why:

Great look; placing your TV on the wall is a great way to décor your living room or any other room, simply because it transmit a clean and sharp look, all the wires (HDMI, power, optical, etc) can be concealed inside the wall, also the TV mounts give that sleek look because mounts leave the TV around 1-4 inches away from the wall.

Free space; if you set your TV on a furniture this may take a lot of space from your room, the wires can be seen in plain sight and also you will have to keep cleaning the furniture from time to time. The solution for this is obviously hanging your TV on the wall, no furniture means free space and a clean look!

The right viewing angle; mounting a TV on the wall is easy but not as easy as you may think, when mounting a TV on the wall many factors are in game like, size of the TV, type of wall, Tv mount and height, all this in order to reach the right viewing angle when watching TV. If the TV is placed without these considerations then the neck strain will be present.

The process; as we told before mounting a TV is easy, but not as easy as you think, is always recommended 2 people if the size of the TV is bigger than 40 inches. The entire process can take between 30-60 mins depending on the tools, knowledge and ability to install electronic gear.

Flat screen and mounts; plasmas, LCD, LED TVs are built to be hanged on the wall, that is why present some holes in the back, these hole are attachable to the mounts. A common mistake when attaching the mount to the TV is having the wrong screws, this will damage the screen if the they are too large, this is why we always recommend a professional installation to set your TV on the wall properly, with warranty and a great look for your designated room.